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Kiteboarding Magazine Editors Letter: Mark It

kiteboarding_mark_itAuthor: Matt and Keegan Myers
Published: Oct/Nov 2004 issue of Kiteboarding Magazine,

“By the way, how old are you?” we asked our new Italian friend just before launching his kite off the beach in Porto Pollo, Italy.  “Oh, I’m only 75” he answers with a slight grin.  Once we heard these words from a kiteboarder moments before jumping in the water back in 2001, it was a done deal.  We were sold on kiteboarding.

With the sport of motocross consuming our life for many years, we never imagined another sport could compare.  How wrong we were.  In a moment’s time, the energetic sensation of blasting a berm bar-to-bar with a fellow motocross racer transformed to smashing the lip of a head-high wave while enjoying the earth’s precious wind and water.  Kiteboarding allows one to ride with the same aggression and focus as on the track, but with minimal risk of injury.  Witnessing first-hand someone enjoying a sport through their later years in life was flat-out inspiring.

Not only is kiteboarding one of the most addictive and progressive sports to ever exist, but the variety of people involved is what truly makes it so amazing.  We have been teaching people to kiteboard full-time for the past two years and throughout that time have been continually shocked by the vastly dissimilar types of people intrigued by the sport.  “Kiteboarding is an ‘extreme sport’ and only crazy people do it.”  Isn’t that what everyone says, or that’s just what we saw on Inside Edition last month.  This statement could not be more misleading; kiteboarding is one of the safest and most gratifying sports to date.

The variety of people learning to kite is not going to diminish anytime soon.  Whether a fifty year-old Harley riding, long-bearded, leather-pant-wearing, tattooed, 300 pound man struts through our door, or a ten year-old ballerina still in her tutu after dance practice bounces in, with some commitment, they will be converted into kiteboarders.  It doesn’t matter what your background is; motocross, wakeboarding, stunt kites, gymnastics, accounting, 3rd grade, retired Vietnam vet; whatever it may be, you are in the market for kiteboarding.  When we go to the beach and observe the assortment of people actually kiteboarding, we can’t help but be convinced that this is the best sport for anyone no mater age, gender, income, or environment.

So with this being said, our definition of the all important “kiteboarding market” is “everyone and anyone, including your grandma!”  In actuality, the market is anybody who would be at all interested in attempting one of the most powerful, humbling, free, and addictive outdoor activities in the world!  Don’t you believe people of all walks of life would enjoy to take part in an “extreme sport” that you can still be progressing in even when your as young as 75?

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