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Kiteboarding Magazine Editors Letter: Undiscovered Country

kiteboarding_undiscoveredAuthor: Matt and Keegan Myers
Published: April/May 2005 issue of Kiteboarding Magazine,

“HOLY SH%&!  I cannot believe this spot exists! You have got to be kidding me!  This place must have been designed by god for kiteboarding.”

Have you ever had the chance to say this shortly after discovering a new spot?  If you haven’t, then you need to go trippin.  Kiteboarding is truly a sport that opens up the doors to discovery and possibilities.

It seems like every kite trip we take we find another spot that completely amazes us; whether its behind the rocks at kite beach, following the OBX locals through the canals to Planet of the Apes, navigating a wooden yola to some offshore mangrove reefs in Puerto Rico, or just exploring more of the coast in our own backyard.  Travel to new beaches, 4X4 down old dirt roads with who knows what’s at the end, take a coastal tour on your boat or PWC; no matter how you find it, just take the time to get out and do it.  The beauty of this sport is in its simplicity, your biggest kite can pack down into a small bag and you can use a short board!  A little time spent searching now could easily result in endless sessions in the future.

More than ever last season proved to us how important getting out and exploring is.  With so many great beaches located just outside our door, what was the point in taking the time and energy to fumble around searching for another riding spot?  We were proved extremely wrong after a short jet ski ride down a secluded coastline with no road access where we truly found Kiteboarding paradise.  A spot that we would have never in our wildest dreams imagined being so near our home. If we hadn’t taken the time to find it we would had never known about it, and worse yet, never enjoyed the countless epic sessions day after day all summer long.

Kiteboarding and traveling go hand and hand, if you kiteboard you need to travel!  We are not saying you have to fly 5000 miles or take a 10-hour road trip; all we are saying is explore your own areas. The next day there is light wind and you just cant wait for your next session, get off your butt and go discover some place new. Pack your car full of gear (leave some room for your riding buddies) and hit the road.  Even if you don’t discover that epic spot you spent daydreaming about all winter, you are guaranteed plenty of laughs and memories. You just might be amazed at what you will find in your own backyard.

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