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Explain Kiteboarding to Someone

kiteboarding_how_explainAuthor: Matt and Keegan Myers, with PASA Examiner Chris Moore
Published: Kiteboarding Magazine,

Have you ever had someone say to you “Oh, kiteboarding, isn’t that where the boat pulls you up in the air and you steer a parachute?”  Instead of hanging your head in disgust, educate the clueless.  Come back with something like “Picture wakeboarding, but replace the boat with a kite that the rider can control in every way, and effortlessly jump thirty feet in the air or catch hundreds of waves in a blown-out day.”  Finish with “Today, kiteboarding can be a broad term that lends itself to landboarding, snow kiting, and kiteboarding on the water.  Kiteboarding is simply using a kite to pull you on a board.  Also, the kite is more of a lifting force as well as a pulling force which gives you a lighter sensation and allows you to launch huge aerial maneuvers never before associated with other water sports!”  Add to this description that it can be easy for beginners to learn the sport with the proper instruction, yet extreme enough to make even the most seasoned athlete skip a heartbeat or two.

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