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Kiteboarding Camp- Keep your Beach Safe

Author: Matt and Keegan Myers, with PASA Examiner Chris Moore
Published: Kiteboarding Magazine,

Number one: use common sense and respect others. Stay clear of people using the beach and maintain a safe distance at all times.  If this is a location with other non-kiters, establish a clear kiteboarding zone.  Designate a set-up area, a launch area, and a landing zone.  If possible mark the areas so it is apparent to everyone.

Some common guidelines should include:  Maintain a 200ft buffer zone off the beach; avoid riding and pulling tricks anywhere close to the beach.  Make sure that right of way rules are clear and understood.  Make it mandatory that everyone uses a kite safety leash and wrap your lines on beached kites to avoid “runaway kites”.

Another great idea is to organize a training day for the local lifeguards and/or other local authorities.  Teach them how to rescue a kiteboarder, how to disarm a kite, and make them feel confident and comfortable with being able to handle kiteboarding on their beach.  This can go a long way disarming a bad incident before it happens.

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