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Kiteboarding Camp- Launch and Land Each Other

kiteboarding_how_assistAuthor: Matt and Keegan Myers, with PASA Examiner Chris Moore
Published: Kiteboarding Magazine,

Rig the kites near each other. Once both kites are fully hooked up and ready to launch, have the less-experienced kiter launch the more-experienced kiter first. Once the first kiter is safely launched, the second kiter should quickly get to the kite bar, hook up the leash, walk to the edge of the wind window and prepare for launch. The kiter with the kite in the air should have the kite parked at an angle toward the water away from the kite being launched. Grab the center of the leading edge and pick it up into launch position using one hand. Be sure to keep your other hand lightly on your bar to correct any unintentional steering due to wind changes. Lift your partner’s kite up on edge, as you normally would, ensure the lines are properly attached, and make sure your partner is ready with thumbs up. Once the launch is successful, get to the water as quickly as possible. Landing the kites is done in a very similar way. The more-experienced kiter will land the less-experienced kiter first. With one kiter at the edge of the wind window, the second will slowly steer the kite down until the the first kiter can safely grab the leading edge and stabilize the kite. The rider with the landed kite can then secure the first kite on the ground and land the second kite as normal.

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