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Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Camp

If you are looking for the exotic kiteboarding trip of a lifetime, then you must check out the Broneah ‘Spring Fling’ Camp in Puerto Rico. In the fall of 2003, we stumbled across the ultimate kiteboarding training grounds on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. With average yearly temps ranging from 85-90 degrees, and water temps in the 80s, you will quickly realize why this place is kiteboarding paradise, and why our customers keep returning year after year!

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Puerto Rico “Spring Fling” Kiteboarding Camp

The riding spot, appropriately named “The Pool” has wide-open, butter flat, crystal clear waters and a very addictive vibe. Forget about kiting at crowded beaches, we take boats out to these spots. That’s right, plan on getting up early and packing up the boat with all your gear and heading to these insane private kiteboarding islands. We will park you behind some beautiful mangrove islands where you will feel no wind, yet five feet above your head its blowing 25 knots! Behind the mangrove islands you will be riding in glass flat shallow water all day long, and don’t worry about staying upwind, we have a boat for quick returns on downwind runs.

The Broneah “Spring Fling” Kiteboarding Camp is located in the small village of La Parguera. This is a super mellow fishing village, which brings in tourists from all over the world. The city is based next to the world famous Bioluminescent Lagoon which magically lights up at night. The town and area offers many activities including boat trips through the channels, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, kiteboarding and just straight up chilling.

The south side of the island has a dry, desert landscape that creates consistent and strong thermal winds nearly every day! Coming in the spring, you can expect to ride at least seven out of ten days! During our 2004 March camp, we scored 26 out of 30 days! Beat that! Usually the wind is lighter in the morning working with kite sizes 14-17 meter, then in the afternoon it really starts to blow and you will be putting up your 8-12meter kites. With this in mind, you need to bring all the kites you own.

-5 Nights at Villa Parguera resort (Sun-Thurs).
-Breakfast each morning at Villa Parguera (Mon-Fri, for 1 person)
-10AM-4PM Kiteboarding lessons Mon-Thurs (includes ride out to reef each way and on the water support and service for one person)
-Lunch each day at the reef Mon-Thurs

If you plan to bring a friend, wife, or child to the camp there is an additional $250 fee per extra person, this fee covers the following:

-Extra spot in the room Sun-Thurs night
-Breakfast each morning
-Lunch each day at the reef

You will be staying in one of the nicest hotels in the area at an incredibly discounted rate! This package includes a 4-day “Spring Fling” camp running Monday-Thursday with on the water kiteboarding each day from 10-4. With this package you will stay in a room at Villa Parguera for 5 nights (sun-thurs) that can accommodate you and for an additional fee an additional person. Along with this package you will receive a free breakfast each morning and a custom “Broneah Lunch” at the reef each day. We must stress that this is a great deal we have set up exclusively with this hotel with great savings for our customers.

Check out for detailed information, and make sure to compare your lodging prices to see what you save by booking through Broneah.

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