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kiteboarding_test1Are you thinking about contacting Broneah for a lesson or gear purchase, but have never met our team and do not know who we are? Read on to better understand our relationship with our clients.

“You guys Rock! Everyone is completely psyched. Thanks for all the effort. The boys are already claiming time slots for the equipment for tomorrow. Will keep you updated and have already recommended you all to everyone willing to hear it.”
-Clint Brooks

“Thanks for the great camp. Information and teaching were excellent. Truly enjoyed my time and can’t wait to get out kiting! Kegan was an excellent instructor! Thanks again for a great time and for getting me started in a great sport.”
-Dominic Kiomento

“Kegan was very patient and encouraging. He was also very willing to explain things I didn’t understand over and over again. All the instructors worked well together and were supportive, even if they weren’t working directly with me.
Kegan told me it was my turn to get on the board and, even though I didn’t feel ready, I did it and got up! That rocked! Flying was fun too! I also really appreciated the focus on safety. It helped me feel more confident knowing that if I ended up in the middle of Lake Michigan I might actually get back to land.
Customer service was fabulous- especially helpful with directions.
This was a great experience and has left me wanting to kiteboard even more. Thank you!”

“My girlfriend and I have just gotten back from our first kiteboarding experience and are completely stoked!  We just wanted to thank you and the whole Broneah/M-22 family for the experience.  Our instructors were Kegan and Jasper and both were amazing.  They have two different personalities that helped launch two kiting careers and lots of smiles.  We would like to wish both of them our best wishes in their future adventures, Kegan with the armed forces that give us the opportunities and freedoms we enjoy and Jasper with finishing school and living his life to the fullest.  I don’t think that I could express in words how well these two worked together and complimented each other out on the beach.  Kegan was technical and meticulous, Jasper was laid back and encouraging, we needed all of these traits to make this adventure a one of a kind experience!
I’m sure that in the coming months you will be hearing from us, whether it is for advice, gear or just to say “What’s up”.  Again, thanks.”
-Joel Lewis and Beth Sprague

“We got the package on Saturday, super fast shipping!! Thanks so much. Jenae and I both have really enjoyed doing business and getting to know you and the all the guys at Broneah.”
-Alan Peachy

“Just wanted to thank you all for the great camp in PR last week . It truly is an amazing spot to kite and we had awesome conditions. It was neat  to meet your dad and hang out with him, he added alot of entertainment value. Son James asked yesterday when we were putting some of the gear away, how long until we can go kiting this spring?  I think he is really hooked now thanks to how much he progressed at the camp. We will see if time permits for a trip to TC Michigan this summer.”
-Al & James
PS. It took about a week before I could stand up straight due to those sore stomach muscles and about the same amount of time to get rid of the bruises on my butt!

“It was really an amazing camp and the site where we kited was also unbelievable. It was a 15 min boat ride from the hotel, we would set up camp behind the mangrove trees where there was no wind and just around the corner  and above the trees the wind was between 15 – 25 mph all four days. We would kite between the mangrove islands, the water was ankle to chest deep and very flat due to the coral reef that extended between the islands. If you happend to get a little down wind or any other issues they would come and get you in the pick up boat. One of the brothers Matt was there and the two other instructors were all excellent and very safety conscious. We sailed from 6 to 12 m kites and were on the water most days by 10:30 am and finished the day usually by 4:00 pm, not because the wind died but because we were quite tired. I would say quite easily that I improved more in four days than I have in the last 2 yrs. My son James who is quite new to the sport ( last fall) he started off by only being able to go one direction and by the time we left he was kiting solid with transitions both direction, staying up wind and even starting to jump. I would highly recommend the camp and this site to anyone, it is an amazing spot to kite. If any of your clients have any questions give them my email address and once again thanks.”

“Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed your camp.  When I grow up I want to be just like you.  I want to enter the ‘Coach Apprenticeship Program’ so that someday I can be a coach.  A kind of coach on call for emergencies.
Seriously, you are likeable guys with a professionalism not expected in the industry.  I would like to visit you guys in the fall when you are not ‘working’ and see more of the island.

You know you run a great camp when I think of it every day!”

“Always a pleasure!  The location you guys pioneered is incredible and provided a much needed “island fix” for me following years of deprivation.  You provide fantastic service to your campers-so much so that I was a bit embarrassed as a friend.  But that’s ok, maybe I’ll have the opportunity to wash your feet someday.  I left with loads of confidence in sailing – kiting sorry – and even more appreciation for the great places of the globe that I have yet not experienced.  Again, thanks for making this happen for me during your busiest period.  I really did enjoy the company as well.”
-Mike Stimac

“Great job last week.  I had a ball; both boarding and getting to know you guys better.  Great story on the recapture of your family property at Neahtawanta.  Tell Arlon that I scored his culinary efforts Five Stars and will mention him to Zagat’s rating service. Be careful with those models scheduled for the photo shoot in La Parguera. Happy Birthday Matt.  See you in TC this summer.”
-Tom Lane

“As we sit in the San Juan airport waiting to board the plane back to the cold we just want to thank you guys again for all you did  for us over the past two weeks.  It was great for Brigid and Ethan to meet all four of you guys.  You are very unique and we benefited so much from being around you.
Also, thank you for how much you helped each of us progress in our kiteboarding.  Hopefully, the next time we see you at the end of July in TC we will have made some more improvement.”
-Brigid, Ethan, & Keith

“Thank you for the replacement bladder. It is much appreciated. You guys definitely make a name for yourself in the culture of the sport. Someday I wish I could join ya. Just gotta get me out of this corporate stuff. It was good visiting with you guys briefly; hope my Dad and I didn’t impose on ya much. I wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement of my getting into the sport and meeting the people. Hope you guys enjoy your trips this winter. Keep in touch and thanks again for your generosity.”
-Rob Comfort

“Just a quick note of thanks for such a great week we had in Puerto Rico. Joe and I had a blast during the kite boarding camp. It was probably the most relaxing vacation I’ve had in YEARS! I can see why people keep coming back. You both do a fine job of training and have tremendous patience. Especially with me! Thanks for humoring me too.
I also appreciate the extra tour through the mangroves and dinner at your house. It was nice meeting Michael and Madison. Our fishing trip was a big highlight too. I still cannot get over the absolutely exquisite dinner on the patio. It really was the best fish I have ever had, no doubt about it. Bottom line- I’d like to come up for another camp in Traverse City as soon as you start them!”
-Scott Lorenz

“Had a wonderful time at camp this year – thanks for making it great. I know that Catherine enjoyed herself also – thanks for including her in many of the activities. All ready looking forward to the next camp. Anxious to get back out on the water, its totally addictive.”
-Tim Sefton

“Many thanks for what was a truly an inspirational week in Puerto Rico! Your instructional ability is without rival in the kiteboarding world and those who shape the sport have recognized that for some time now. What I got out of the camp was far more important than instruction however. The passion with which you approach your business, your clients, and how you live your life is both inspiring and contagious! There are a number of things I want to make sure my kids are able to experience in life, spending a few days with you in La Parguera is something I’m really looking forward to.”
-Michael Cote

“I had an excellent time! The camp was top notch; the kiting locations were perfect, the scenery was outstanding, and I learned a lot. Most Importantly I left the camp much more confidant. The only thing I need now is practice. You guys are awesome! (I’m considering the September camp or possibly Puerto Rico)”
-Joel Huizinga

“Oh man your timing is awesome!!! After a week of no wind, I finally receive the new kite lines and it begins to blow. Installed the line and hit the landboard, ripped up some soccer fields and got my daughter proficient with the trainer, now I am sunburned and happy.

Your customer service is the best; I am a customer for life and refer everyone to you guys. Keep it up!!!”

“Thanks for the Lessons. Before the camp I actually thought I knew something about Kiting but found out I was only getting an uneducated version of the sport from friends. Your camp really helped me figure out the basics. The camp rocked. I’m consistently up on the board now and if we ever get some wind over here in Minnesota I will be able to stay up wind soon. Once again Thanks!!”
-Kevin Hofmeister

“Thanks for all you guys have done. The inspiration has been wonderful. The new kite has got awesome karma built right in. I’ve now had my first big ride, my first upwind experience and I am stoked. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your help. We’ll see you soon.”
-Enrico Schaefer

“Regarding Matt & Keegan, I have the utmost respect for the way they’ve lived their lives, and the way they apply relentless focus to everything they do. That energy is what created Broneah. It’s powerful and intense, yet free and playful; the way a rider is at the critical moment. Pursuit of this kind of focus is what pulls us to kiteboarding.”
-Peter Arpag, Naish Kiteboarding Sales Manager

“It is very clear you guys know what you’re talking about and are very thorough in making sure we knew how to go through the whole process safely. I would highly recommend Broneah to all those interested in taking Kiteboarding instruction.”
-Jason Sayre

“There always will be at least one thing that you do wrong that you could not have read about or watched on a video and Broneah is like having the TV or book right there in the water when you need to know what to do. Lessons a day or two with Broneah…$400. Kite package for a beginner…$1600. Learning to kite properly and safely with Broneah…PRICELESS! Thanks again BRONEAH!!!”
-Brad Pruim

“You have the knowledge of kiting on the water as well as the snow and have experienced it worldwide. This combination makes you experts in all areas. Also, since the early days of Broneah Kiteboarding you have been trying to get people involved in the lifestyle of kiteboarding the correct way. Safely!! Without regard of getting people into the sport just to make a buck but clearly just to spread the stoke of this awesome sport that everyone can experience.”
-Joel Hageman

“Thank you for one of the most exciting weekends of my life. I was really nervous about how I would handle everything and how you would handle me. It worked out perfectly. Thanks for providing the camp. I know it’s your job and everything but I feel we’re fortunate to have it right now. See you bros.”
-Mike Cleary

“What an awesome experience! You guys are great; we learned a ton and had a great time, never want it to end. We learned SSOOOOOOO much! The stress on safety was excellent, we could not have asked for a better time. We will have the whole family doing this in no time! Of course, Mother Nature smiling on us for the whole weekend played a role, anyone wanting to try this sport out should, without hesitation, sign up for lessons or a camp with you guys. With the age span we had (13 & 43) both of us equally had the best experience and you managed to teach all of us without backgrounds or ages making any difference. We will be telling EVERYONE we can get to listen about this experience!! Thanks for a fantastic weekend; you will see much more of us!”
-Eric and Jeremy

“When my daughter, Lara, asked in December if we could go to Puerto Rico to attend Broneah Kiteboarding Camp for spring break, I was reluctant to agree. After talking it over with her dad we decided for her 16th, birthday we would surprise her with our consent. However, I still had reservations about our trip. My concerns were numerous; would we be in a crime-ridden area? Was it safe? Would we need to rent a car? What would our accommodations be like? Yikes, what about sharks? Ok, you get the picture; I can be one of those overly anxious moms. Keegan and Matt patiently answered all my questions and reassured me that La Parguera was safe, friendly and beautiful. To our delight, we discovered that they were right on all counts. Our hotel was clean and comfortable, the staff amicable, sweet, bilingual, and very friendly people.

The site that Matt and Keegan selected to launch from (The Mangroves of La Parguera) was spectacular in several ways. The setting is picturesque; water temperature in the 70′s, shade available if you can’t take a lot of sun, with a view that earns the claim of paradise on earth. To say the least, it is a beautiful spot.

With only one kite boarding lesson under her belt before arriving in Puerto Rico, Lara was a true novice. Matt and Keegan were exceptional in teaching Lara, their encouragement and patience helped build her confidence and soon her skills notched up several levels. I felt she was safe with them at the helm, they followed her in a zodiac and when she fell or crashed her kite, they were right there to help her.

Lara and I had a blast on this trip and she is excited about going back next year. If you want to bond with your teenager, this is one heck of a fun trip to do together. If you love to see your child stretching their athletic abilities, having a blast while they fall and fall again and then all of a sudden; off they go, riding their board, conquering the kite, handling the wind, it is pure magic for all watching.”
-Gail Foster

“For anyone who’s interested in kiteboarding, I can’t recommend the 2 day Broneah Camp enough. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend trying kiteboarding until you’ve had a chance to work with this terrific team or some other certified instructor with equal ability – if there is one. Matt and Keegan have the right attitude for getting you started in a sport that I now consider serious fun. I know it’s going to take me some time get this sport down but, after completing the camp, I have even greater enthusiasm for it along with a healthy appreciation of safety considerations. It’s not that I now think kite boarding is inherently dangerous, but it deserves at least as much respect as any other sport or recreational activity I can think of and Matt and Keegan have a laid back, but very effective, way of communicating this.

It’s a privilege to spend time with these guys. They are passionate about the sport and what’s so cool about it is that they are so willing to share it with you. If I saw these guys boarding and didn’t know better, I’d probably be too intimidated to even talk to them as I’d figure the last thing they’d want to do is talk to some “spode” like me. Instead, they welcome you into their world and effectively introduce you to what is a most satisfying, exciting and challenging sport …or is it life-altering experience.

The hours you save by spending time with these guys talking about “dialing in your gear”, kite handling etc is more than worth the price. I think these classes can meet the needs of students of all abilities. Even if I was a seasoned pro I can’t help but think I’d want to keep a connection with these guys. I think they’d always find a way for you to improve. The student to instructor ratio makes it possible for you to get plenty of attention and supervision so you don’t do anything foolish while still feeling like you’re stretching your limits. I’m already thinking about the next camp… Puerto Rico …”
-Eric Okerstrom

“After what can only be described as a truly epic trip, I’m finding it hard to rejoin the ‘civilian population’. I feel compelled, however, to write and reiterate just how happy and satisfied I was with the entire experience.

Based largely on testimonials from previous customers, I signed up for the Broneah camp having had only brief exposure to kiteboarding in the past. After spending a week with all the Michigan crew, I realize now just how difficult it is to capture in words what Matt and Keegan Myers have created in Broneah. Stated simply, these guys deliver, and do so in spades. I left Cape Hatteras after only five days with a newfound passion for the sport of kiteboarding and with confidence in the skills I took away.

While we certainly benefited from a primo location, beautiful weather and steady, consistent winds, it would be difficult to understate the impact of the Broneah factor. Matt and Keegan are skilled instructors. Their teaching is both systematic and comprehensive, while, at the same time, characterized by a patient, generous and intuitive approach to the needs of the individual student. Learning to kiteboard can be intimidating for even the most accomplished of athletes. Matt and Keegan make that process safe, simple and kick-ass fun!!!

One week isn’t long to get to know people well, but I certainly came away from North Carolina with a strong sense of respect and admiration for Matt, Keegan and Broneah. These are solid guys who compliment one another well.

Your customers in the midwest should feel fortunate to have such a resource at their disposal. I may not be in Michigan, but you can be sure that I’ll be sending my business Broneah’s way every chance I get, and I’ll be recommending your camps to anyone interested in picking up the sport. Thanks guys…you changed my life!!!”
-Doug Davis

“I just returned from a week in Hatteras with the Broneah crew. Needless to say, I’m hooked! It’s like what I told Matt and Keegan; I love this sport! I’ve tried just about every sport there is on water and snow, and kiteboarding is without question the best!!

All in all, my time at the Hatteras Camp with Matt and Keegan was so amazing… the instruction that Keegan and Matt provided was, without exception, first-rate! I went into the camp with only 2 days of kiting on the snow (including a lesson from Broneah this past winter). I came out of the 5-day camp doing 3.5-mile down-winders to Jockey’s Ridge!!!! Like I said, I love this sport. Broneah helped me accomplish all of my goals for the camp (up and riding, self-sufficient, and safe) and provided me with a solid foundation on which I can build my skills. I even started to stay upwind some by the end of the week.

So, why are the Broneah bros so good at what they do… 3 reasons! First, they keep it simple. They provide the right amount of instruction and at a level that we beginners can digest. They realize that too much thinking can sometimes get in the way of learning. Second, Matt and Keegan are committed to making sure everyone understands how to kite safely. As we all know, things can go wrong quickly in kiteboarding. Matt and Keegan consistently stress (through both instruction and action) the importance of safety. Finally, both Matt and Keegan are two of the coolest bros I know. They are fun, humble, and committed to advancing the sport of kiteboarding through top-quality instruction.

I would travel anywhere in the world to kite with these guys, and I plan on doing just that – I guarantee’ (inside joke) that! If you’re reading this and considering taking lessons, there is, in my opinion, no better choice than Broneah Kiteboarding! They will do everything in their power to help you accomplish your kiteboarding goals! That’s my shout out for Broneah!!”
-Scott Derue

“It was great getting to know the both of you better, you two are the most soulful individuals we have meet in a long time. We love you both!!!!!!! While you were here you turned a lot of heads with your riding. You both are ripping and have inspired me to rip harder. Ride to shag and shag to ride.”
-Greg and Sherry Waller

“You guys defiantly have your stuff together, I came and the house was very well organized and your instruction was thorough and complete. I do feel comfortable going out to the beaches on my own. Yep back for one day and I am going through withdrawals so I hear the wind is blowing and I am off for a session.”
-Roger Thrall

“Thanks for teaching me how to kiteboard and showing me a good time in Hatteras. You guys are awesome kiteboarders and awesome people. I look forward to seeing you guys on the water and on the snow.”
-Paul C.

“I want to commend you both on the very professional and informative instructional clinic Broneah provided for our group. Funny, I spent five weeks in Southwest Florida’s 80-degree sunshine last fall with the objective of learning to kite board. I couldn’t get a lesson! Shops had flyers in stands advertising instruction, but they never seemed to want to instruct. Just ride if it was windy and nothing if it wasn’t.

So I returned to the Michigan winter for ice instruction with your company, and am I glad I did. Kite boarding is definitely an activity, which requires some training. Even with my twenty-five plus years of boardsailing, hang-gliding, etc, there were fundamentals that needed to be learned in order to remain unscathed. Your ground school had us all understanding safety, equipment theory, and flight dynamics before we rigged our first kite. And even though the entire class was enthusiastic and ready to buy equipment, your introduction and guidance saved us from haphazardly dumping hundreds if not thousands of dollars on potential landfill equipment not suited for our needs. The gear you did recommend turned out to be perfect and provided a huge bang for the buck invested. See you in the water! Aloha.”

“I was extremely impressed by the professional level of instruction at the Broneah Kiteboarding Camp. Each student gets specific attention according to his or her ability. Matt and Keegan have created special safety measures that would have made my Israeli army basic training instructors proud.”
-Jay Kohn

“Yo! The Hatteras trip was so awesome, thank you guys both for everything. Matt thanks for all the coaching out there and hopefully by Cherry Festival I will have everything dialed in. You guys rock, so dope that you hooked me up down there, and got me hooked up with the board. I definitely owe you both, so whenever you want to show Southern California to kiteboard, or just come chill you let me know and you’re both always welcome. Thanks again, I had an awesome time and definitely feel ten times more comfortable to get out and get kiting. I can’t wait to get this kitesurfing thing down so I can rip like you guys do.”
-Chris Racen

“More than just a kiteboarding camp, it was a life adventure… Broneah Kiteboarding Camp, March 2004 in La Parguera, Puerto Rico totally blew me away!

The near perfect weather, consistent wind conditions, and Broneah support made learning to kiteboard much simpler and more efficient than I ever imagined… It was totally worthwhile and I’ll be signing up again next year. The conditions were fantastic, the accommodations excellent, the food as good as we could cook, and an overall great time… For me, a great way to learn and grow.”
-Patrick Connelley

“The Broneah Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Trip was a blast… It was 3 days of paradise – Sun, Water, Wind and Good People. The individualized instruction accelerated my learning curve dramatically instead of some caned lesson plan. The wide variety of riding conditions allowed me to utilize many different equipment setups and to broaden my overall ability. All the local folks added a lot of color to the experience. When you Kite with pros it ups your own game. Thanks for the fun time and great kiteboarding. Already looking forward to returning! Get sic and be ill – Wishing you both the best.”
-Tim Sefton

“It was so great meeting you guys! I just want to let you know that I was totally impressed with not only your shop, but with the two of you. You guys seem very down to earth, and so eager to share your passion and knowledge of this sport to others. It was crazy to live 1000 miles away, following you and the sport for the past year, and then having the opportunity to meet you. I am excited to support Broneah, Good winds.”
-Johnny Smith

“Thanks for the email! It is great to see two young forward thinking guys helping promote a great year-round activity here in Northern Michigan. I am glad I am along for the ride and super glad you are there too! Have a great trip to Puerto Rico!”
-Eric Noofer

“Learning the Broneah Way – Kiteboarding. The world needs to know about Broneah kiteboard lessons by the demigods Keegan and Matt Myers. Not only professional in the demeanor and presentation but truly knowledgeable. And, they are nothing but kind people. That’s the best way to describe the experience. I don’t know how I could have done anything if I hadn’t worked with Keegan and Matt. They got me good equipment at a good price and provided knowledge and experience that got me going and will keep me going. I’m ready to extend my season with the wet suit and get their further good advice about what kite to put in my quiver for those higher winds. Anyone needing a testimonial on the entire Broneah package can contact me. Thank you gentleman.”
-Mike Cleary

“Hey everybody its BQ. I took a lesson with Broneah and it was off the hook. The instructors Keegan and Matt are super cool dudes. They take more of a BRO approach toward the lesson then the usual schoolteacher way. The lesson ran smooth and easy. They went over everything in the lesson plan and they answered all of my questions. They told me where all the hot spots were around my area. (Saginaw) I got to see it go off when the wind picked up and all the locals got out. They even had me stay for pizza and a kite video after the lesson. I would suggest that anyone wanting to see what kiteboarding is about to check out Broneah these guys are legit and down for the sport. I’m stoked out now on kiting and can’t wait to get outfitted with a setup of my own and see were this sport takes me.”
-Brian Quinn

“If it wasn’t for Matt and Keegan I would not be involved with this incredible sport. Their positive attitude and enthusiasm totally motivates you throughout the whole learning phase of kiteboarding. Their organized lesson plans help walk through each step for new enthusiasts with no frustration whatsoever. If you ever want to get into kiteboarding or are looking to brush up your skills with the sport, contact Matt and Keegan for a very friendly and professional lesson, and you better bring your pocket books, because you will be hooked forever!!!”
-Nate Farran

“Just thought I’d let all you potential kiters out there know how much you need to get a lesson from the Broneah gang. These guys are extremely thorough, and will save you tons of time (and possible some broken bones) over trying to do it yourself. I was pretty much clueless prior to my lesson but thanks to Keegan and Matt, I’ve got the confidence I need to take it to the next level. Thanks guys, you’ll be seein’ me this summer riding the waves.”
-Chad Kolzart

“Matt and Keegan are awesome dudes!! There lesson was off the hook and I had a blast-the day was awesome! Not only did I learn how to kiteboard but I also met some great new friends! My suggestion to everyone is to take a lesson with Broneah-the two bro’s have to best kiteboarding school out there! They will show you what’s up and you will never want to stop flying that kite! I’m very glad I got the chance to hook up with these guys! Thanks for everything guys!”
-Nick Madrick

“After my incredible lesson and day with Eric my energy was pumping for a week. I knew I would love it, I had no idea it would be so exciting. I am very excited to do more.”

“I wanted to compliment you guys on your operation there. With all the sports I’ve been involved with, and all the places been, I’ve seen so many shops that had a little vision but no clue about the business, but you guys really have your shit together. Well done. It must be a ton of work but it shows. Keep me on the list for your camps and whatnot. I’d be psyched to meet up with ya’ll in PR someday.”

“I just wanted to let both of you guys know that I had a killer time this past weekend at your Spode to Pro camp. From the moment I arrived to time I left it couldn’t have been a better time. You both have got amazing personalities and run your camp with the right amount of enthusiasm and instruction. I had some serious fun and most importantly, I learned a ton from you. Your knowledge of the sport and methodology for teaching is both impressive and valuable to someone who’s just learning and getting into the sport. I definitely appreciate the focus on safety first and always being aware of potential “issues”. It seems it takes as much brain as it does body to make it all work our safely and positively.

I also want to thank you guys for the great gear I was hooked up with. Again, your knowledge across the board was insane – I definitely felt comfortable purchasing my kite, harness and bar from you guys. I appreciate that you guys take the time out to inspect all the gear and tweak it before you send us out with it. There’s a lot to digest but you guys try your hardest to make it as simple and straight forward as possible  that goes for your instruction out on the water and your gear recommendations back at the shop. I can guarantee that Broneah will be the ONLY place I buy from in the future – that’s a promise!

Sitting here in Chicago I’ve got nothing but good memories of the two days I spent with you guys and the good people in beautiful Traverse City. I’m completely stoked on this sport and will try my hardest to be patient with it. It’s going to be hard progressing without the instruction from you guys but after your camp I feel like I’ve got most of the tools and knowledge I need to be able to practice and try to get going safely on my own!

I’m going to take it upon myself to spread the good word on Broneah to everyone and anyone I know. The Broneah team is epic and unforgettable! Don’t rule out another visit from me – I’m seriously considering Hatteras in the fall.

Thanks again and big props go out to the Lang brothers – those bros are some characters! Thank them for me. Thanks again guys – now get rid of that hip hop bullshit the Lang brothers have got you listening to and start getting real with some metal. It’s all about the metal brother!!! Matt – Foo acoustic disc track 7 – get into it – I promise you’ll dig it bro.”
-Guy Pisani

“Guy and I have done it! We have finally put it all together and were up on the boards this weekend! We are still on cloud 9 and just want to let you know and to thank you guys again.

After your camp we had trouble with our schedules and wind the past month and finally we able to get it together the last 2 weekends. Last week the wind was a little tricky – changing directions and dying out. There were several kites out and we were the only guys who were keeping the kite up consistently – we know it is because of the Spode to Pro camp and all of you guys. This first session we went over everything you taught us and practiced flying the kite (Which by the way is awesome). We used your article in the latest kiteboarding mag to check our line length because we were flying backwards and we have corrected it. This past weekend when the kite was flying good and we had mastered the body drag we decide to break out the board. We both managed to get up and had a lot of laughs at each other while we tried – Guy also supplied entertainment to others that were on the beach when he forgot to unhook when he powered up for his water start and was pulled completely out of the water w/out the board and landed 15′ downwind. He did not lose control of the kite, which was amazing enough and got right back on the board.

We have been going to Waukegan Beach north of Chicago (less than 1 hour away for us) and FYI it is a great place for people just staring out. 2-mile long beach, not many people and just a few boats parked off shore. There is a sandbar that goes out at least 200ft that is great for learning and body dragging. The wind has been good to learn in (10 – 13mph cross shore) and water temp has been great – mid 70′s.

Guy and I wanted to Thank you guys again for a great class and all that we learned. They even wrote us up in the company newsletter. Tell Matt we found our O.G. – Where do we sign up for the Red Bull?”
-Bob & Guido

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