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Kiteboarding Instructional Video- Vulcan

kbmag-broneah-vulcanKiteboarding Magazine and Broneah present
with Broneah Kiteboarding’s Matt Myers

Shot on location in Puerto Rico at the 2009 Broneah ‘Spring Break’ Kiteboarding Camp

The Vulcan is basically an S-Bend but under rotated. You want to throw a raley and make a 180 forward rotation, the trick is to stall your spin so you land on your toeside edge. This trick feels really cool when you nail it. Use it as a transition on your switch foot since you land toeside.

If you have any questions about the Vulcan, you can email Matt at or call the Broneah shop at 231-392-2212.

STEP 1: Place trailing hand in center of bar, release upwind edge and unhook.
STEP 2: Lean back, load your progressive edge and pop.
STEP 3: Throw a raley. At the peak of your jump rotate your lead shoulder down towards the water.
STEP 4: Once you spin a 180, stop your rotation and spot your landing. Release your lead hand to help slow the spin.
STEP 5: Bend your knees and land on your toeside edge. This move works great as a transition on your switch foot.

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