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Wakestyle Kiteboarding Video Instructional- Air Krypt

kbmag-broneah-air-kryptKiteboarding Magazine and Broneah present
Air Krypt
with Broneah Kiteboarding coach Matt Myers

Once you master popping unhooked and have raleys dialed in on both your good and switch foot, you can mix it up and try landing toeside. The Air Krypt is essentially a raley landed toeside. It works really well as a transition on your switch tack since you are landing on your toeside edge, so you can easily move into a heelside carve.

If you have any questions about the air krypt, you can email Matt at or call the Broneah shop at 231-392-2212.

STEP 1: Place trailing hand in center of bar and unhook.
STEP 2: Lean back and load your progressive edge.
STEP 3: Pop off the water and throw your feet behind your head.
STEP 4: At peak of jump, release your lead hand and rotate your body to land toeside.
STEP 5: Land pointing downwind and bend your knees to absorb the impact. Ride away stoked.
STEP 6: This move works really well as a transition on your switch foot. Follow with a heelside carve, hook in, and have fun.

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