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Casper’s Corner- Great Lakes Kiteboarding Intern

caspers-corner-4-2Casper’s Corners- Your weekly update
by Jasper Meddock

Even though every day seems to be full of action, this summer has flown by too fast.  Now that I look at it, there are three weeks left in my internship with Broneah Kiteboarding and M-22, and WOW that is tough to believe.  The past few weeks have been intense to say the least.  I went to my buddy Paul’s wedding back in Duluth this past weekend and beat that up pretty bad.  Aside from losing Steve a few times and losing my entire exhaust system outside of Chicago, the trip went quite well.

This past week for the Northern Exposure Kiteboarding Camp we had a full load, including Joel and Sam from Wisconsin.  It was fun to get to teach a few people from my home state and although the wind wasn’t the greatest, we still had a lot of fun on the wake skate and got all the technical side of kiting covered in detail.

The Brinks family this past weekend was awesome too.  Dan and Aaron were tearing things up and Aaron even got up on his first ever try on the board!  They both became confident enough that I know they are going to progress fast on their own gear once they get out there, so I’m super stoked for that.  The Carr’s had some wild times as well, as they boated across from Elk Rapids in some gnarly conditions officially becoming the first students to take a boat to the lesson! Jeff, Edwin, and Dave all were able to get some good riding in at Pt. Betsie, which was awesome as well.  Hopefully we will see all of our students in the area again and we can give them some more pointers if they need them.

Trip planning for Europe is going well and I think we have a general route figured out and my Eurail pass is in the mail.  All of my Cayman Island paperwork and blood work stuff came back good so now I’m really pumped for that too.   Until then, I’m looking forward to teaching kiting to all of our students in the next few weeks as we try to take advantage of some of these last weeks of summer in Michigan! -Casper


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