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S-Bend to Blind – Kiteboarding Video Instructional

kbmag-broneah-sbendKiteboarding Magazine and Broneah present

S-Bend to Blind

with Broneah Kiteboarding’s Matt Myers

Shot on location in Traverse City, Michigan at the Broneah Lesson Center

First thing, make sure you have your S-Bends dialed in.

Remember, the S-Bend to Blind is really just an over-rotated S-Bend.

Step 1: Place lead hand in center of bar, release edge and unhook.

Step 2: Load progressive edge, pop and throw your feet behind your head while rotating your forward shoulder down.

Step 3: Keep your head turned and look over your trailing shoulder, this will help you rotate.

Step 4: Spot your landing and release your trailing hand. Continue your forward rotation as you are dropping.

Step 5: Commit to the blind rotation! Land fully rotated and pass the bar behind your back.

Step 6: Hop or slide back to heelside, hook-in and ride away.


-Don’t try to rotate the blind landing unless you are ready to commit. If you under-rotate you will catch your heel edge and smack the water with the back of your head.

-Land pointing slightly downwind with your elbows bent and low by your hips. to make it easier to pass the bar.

-Keep your lead hand in the center of the bar with your center lines running between your pointer and middle finger.

-Try raley to blind or hop to blinds first.

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