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Unhooked Toeside Raley – Michigan Kiteboarding Video

Kiteboarding Magazine and Broneah Kiteboarding present
Unhooked Toeside Raley
with Broneah Kiteboarding’s Matt Myers
Shot on location in Traverse City, Michigan at the Broneah Lesson Center

First thing, make sure you have your Unhooked Raley’s dialed in.

Remember, getting pop off your toeside edge unhooked in flat water is really tough. Practice this move off of chop or small kickers to help get pop. Also make sure you go for the toeside raley on your switch foot.

Step 1: Riding on your switch foot, place trailing hand in center of bar, release edge and unhook.

Step 2: Hop to toeside and quickly load your toeside edge (this is the difficult part).

Step 3: Load your edge quick and hard as the pull is very awkward.

Step 4: “Flick” your board behind you as hard as you can. Throw your back leg forward.

Step 5: Land toeside, hop back to your heel edge and ride away.

-Getting pop off of flat water unhooked on your toeside edge is really difficult. The pull from the kite and twist on your body is awkward, so get ready to feel like a kook the first few times you try this. Use chop or small booters at first if possible.

-Your board will want to suction to the water so it is important you load your edge hard with your back foot and “flick” your board behind you as you pop.

-Once you nail this move solid if feels sick. Great trick to add to the bag!

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