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HOW TO JUMP KITEBOARDING – Learn how to boost big kiteboarding


Broneah Kiteboarding and Kiteboarding Magazine Video Instructional

How to Send It Big with Broneah Kiteboarding’s Matt MyersShot on location in Puerto Rico at the Broneah Lesson Center.

STEP 1: Carry lots of board speed with your kite at 45
STEP 2: Steer your kite quickly to neutral. Edge upwind against the pull of the kite.
STEP 3: When your kite reaches neutral, edge upwind, pull in on your bar and boost.
STEP 4: Keep your kite directly above your head and bar pulled in for hang-time.
STEP 5: Once you begin to drop, spot your landing and carefully steer the kite forwards.
STEP 6: Point your board downwind, land and re-set your upwind edge.

The faster you go the bigger you go.
Steer your kite as fast as you can towards 12 o’clock while edging upwind.
Steer your kite down quickly to land with speed, but dont drop it!
Once you get comfortable, take a look around and enjoy the view.

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