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Michigan Summer Camp

Michigan Summer Kiteboarding Camp

Since 2002 we have been refining our program and working as Instructional Editors for Kiteboarding Magazine, our team has developed a two-day instructional course that can transform beginners and advanced riders into confident kiteboarders. The Northern Exposure camp is based out of Traverse City, Michigan, the most desired vacation destination of the entire Midwest. The downtown of Traverse City is nestled at the base of a 20-mile peninsula, which splits two huge bays fed off of Lake Michigan. Sound magical, it is!  We have circled the globe, been to all the best kiteboarding locations, still we come to Northern Michigan every single summer!

Normally $599.00  All Ability- (SAT-SUN)
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Michigan Summer “Northern Exposure” Kiteboarding Camp

The camp is based out of the Broneah Kiteboarding Headquarters in downtown Traverse City; from there we will take you to various beaches up and down the west coast of Northern Michigan depending on conditions. We have thoroughly explored this vast coastline and have found over 20 different kiteboarding spots within a 40 mile stretch of coast that are all just as good as the next. Each of these spots has certain wind directions that work best, along with multiple thermal effects, we will take you to which ever locations will get us the best wind on that day.

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Traverse City is easily accessible from the entire Midwest Region including Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Madison, Milwaukee, Duluth, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Fort Wayne, Toledo, Columbus, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Toronto Canada.

Traverse City offers a variety of accommodation options; from five star resorts to camping on the beach of Lake Michigan. If you are looking for a place to stay in Traverse City check out:

Every camp starts and ends at the Broneah Kiteboarding shop in downtown Traverse City.  The meeting time for each day of instruction is 11AM.  We ask that you try to arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure an 11AM starting time.

If this is your first time getting introduced to the sport, then don’t worry about a thing, Broneah will provide you with all the gear you will need for the weekend. If you are coming for an advanced lesson, please bring all your current kiteboarding gear so we can help you to dial it in and make sure its right for you. You can expect to see some incredible beaches and riding spots that we have spent the past few years searching for. This is the ultimate camp for any newcomer into the sport that is serious about getting going as fast as possible.

Still not convinced that Northern Michigan can be this good? Check out this short kiteboarding video clip of Broneah filmed in Traverse City Michigan at our exclusive kiteboarding training location.

Those of you who currently kiteboard understand that the sport is completely weather dependent; unfortunately we cannot control Mother Nature. In order to kiteboard, you have to have wind. We have traveled thousands of miles to go kiteboarding in places that “always blow” but have been without wind for weeks on end. It is just part of the sport. We will work with whatever we get, whether its 30 knots or rain, we will make the best of it. Just come with that in mind and know that we try to do as best we can to make sure the conditions look good prior to the camp.

Prepare to meet other kiteboarders in your camp that could potentially become life-long friends. We have been organizing these kiteboarding camps for many years now, and in this time have met some incredible people. Expect to learn and to share priceless memories with students of all types.

If you’re interested in attending the Michigan “Northern Exposure” Kiteboarding Camp you need to reserve your spots ASAP. All you need to do is pick which weekend works best for you and reserve your spot. Spots at the Kite Camp are very limited so the sooner you reserve the better chance you have of getting the dates you would like. We have set up the camp so the student to teacher ratio will never be more than 3:1.

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