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July Kiteboarding in Traverse City

The month of July has offered amazing conditions for kiteboarding in Traverse City. Local talent is blowing up with Lewis Hunt and Justin Fata both going off. Keep your eye on these two in the years to come. Keep checking back for more action from the Great North. Photo Credits to Andrew Lang.

Michigan Kiteboarding Summer Sessions 09

Michigan Kiteboarding Summer Sessions 09
Come discover the absolute best, most unique spot to kite you probably never heard about!

There is a reason why nearly every single one of our customers leaves their lesson saying “I can’t believe how amazing that kiteboarding spot was!” Crystal clear, shallow, freshwater with large sandy beaches and sandbars make Northern Michigan the top kiteboarding destination of the Midwest if not the country. Every single weekend people drive from hundreds of miles away to experience the areas unparalleled beauty, kiteboarding conditions, and friendly coaches and staff of Broneah Kiteboarding.

Book your Northern Exposure Kiteboarding Camp and come discover the Great Lakes best kept secret, Traverse City, Michigan!

Kiteboarding Photo Gallery- Heli Kite Trip

What more could you ask for than a group of best friends traveling around the Caribbean islands in a private helicopter? Long-time friend and professional kiteboarder Madison VanHeureck invited the Broneah crew to check out some of his private “backyard” kiting spots a few winters back. Fortunately, both of his parents are helicopter pilots and were able to take some time off to show us around. There is no better way to travel than in a heli!

Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing Lake Michigan

Here is a collection of kiteboarding and kitesurfing images from the past few years from Traverse City, Michigan. The flatwater shots are taken at our exclusive training location while the wave pictures are from the northwest coast of Michigan just outside of Traverse City. These kiteboarding photos prove why Traverse City has become by far the most desired kiteboarding destination of the entire Midwest. Photos courtesy Jason Hamelin.

Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Camp Group 1

Broneah Kiteboarding has hosted “Spring Break” kiteboarding camps in La Parguera, Puerto Rico for six years. The hot sun, warm water, butter flat conditions, and first-rate service keep our customers returning year after year. Here are some photos of the first week of camp.

Puerto Rico 2009 Go Pro POV Shots

Here are some shots of Matt Myers from down in Puerto Rico this spring at the 6th Annual Broneah Kiteboarding Camp. To capture these unique angles, Matt built a custom mount in his kite lines to rig a GoPro camera. If you are interested in the camera and want to know more, contact Broneah as they are now selling them. Enjoy the shots!