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Patagonia Kiteboarding Camp

Argentina “Patagonia Adventure” Kiteboarding Camp

Broneah is happy to introduce the ultimate “Kiteboarding Adventure” camp. You have kited in the butter flat 80-degree water of Puerto Rico, crystal clear fresh water of Northern Michigan, and maybe a few great sessions in the Outer Banks or South Padre island. That all sounds great, but have you ever been to a place that offers you the ultimate in kiteboarding, trekking, mountain biking, white water rafting, food, culture, nightlife and a all around natural beauty no matter what direction you are looking? This is a camp that will take you out of the typical kiteboarding trip and into the ultimate all around kiteboarding experience. We are taking you half way around the globe to the most magical place in the world, Patagonia Argentina.

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The “Patagonia Adventure” camp will be run a bit differently than all other Broneah camps and lesson programs. Kiteboarding is still the number one focus of the camp, and if the conditions are perfect for kiting each day, that’s what we will do. But if the conditions do not shape up, we will not sit around and wait for wind or a clearing front. Patagonia offers the ultimate setting for nearly every single outdoor sporting activity. This camp will be based off of the weather; if kiteboarding is not the best option for the given day we will have one of the following activities planned instead of hitting the water:
- A day hike to Refuge Camp Cerro Lopez
- Float trip down the Limay River or rafting trip down the Rio Manso
- A day trip to Villa Angostura or through the Circito Chico (the most amazing drive of your life!)
- Mountain Bike rides through the Arrayanes Forest (where the setting from Bambi was created).
- Fly through a Coihue Forest on a cable line

Patagonia is known for its wind; with this wind comes many different forms of weather. Various weather systems blow across this area on a daily basis. In a given week during the time period of our camps, you could see temps fluctuate anywhere from 60 degrees to 90 degrees, with cool nights. January and February are one of the driest periods for the area, but you still may see a front push through with a bit of rain from time to time.

We plan to start each lesson day at 11AM. Each lesson will meet at Lokalani in downtown Bariloche. The lesson will begin with a brief introduction at the shop and then we will be headed out to the best teaching location for the day. Lessons typically end around 5:00PM depending on conditions and students progression. We ask that you please bring a full wetsuit if possible (preferably a 4/3 full suit) with booties. The wind in Bariloche is great, but the water can be a bit chilly at times!

- 3 days of kiteboarding instruction (or alternate activity depending on weather)
- 4 Nights at hotel located in downtown Bariloche (Sun-Wends)
- 2 Dinners (Mon and Wends night)

We understand that many of you that come to Patagonia will want to stay longer than the trip we provide. We are more than happy to help arrange this for you. There is an endless amount of alternate activities that the area provides and we can set you up with any activity you prefer. Please contact us if you would like to create a “custom camp” outside of our program, or would like some assistance with and extended trip.

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